Steampro-Condensate Removal Device (SP-CRD)



The immediate removal of condensate is a very important consideration.   It makes sure that your heat transfer equipment is completely free of condensate and, thus, able to maintain a constant and an optimal temperature to maximize your heat transfer efficiency.  It does not subcool your condensate to allow, for example, the dissolution of carbonate dioxide producing a mild carbonate acid solution, which will corrode and shorten the useful life of your condensate return system and your steam equipment.  Therefore, we not only drain the condensate immediately and completely and make sure that the discharge is accompanied by a small trace of live steam in order for us to know for sure that your heat transfer unit is free of non-condensable.  We provide only with fully working and totally reliable systems.

The SteamPro Removal Device has absolutely no moving parts.  It is made entirely of stainless steel.  It will work in exactly the same way ten or more years from the day it was installed.  The maintenance is simple to almost none.  We guarantee our products for a period of five full years.  This not a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  We guarantee our products to your satisfactions.

Conventional steam traps have moving parts.  They circle by opening after they have accumulated a certain amount of condensate.  The good steam trap will close a bit after all the condensate has been removed and lose a little of live steam.  They are called and thought of as steam traps, instead of condensate removal devices, because of their historical performance problems.  We all know steam traps have the horrendous ability to lose a huge amount of live steam when they fail open.  The very best steam trap manufacturer will advertise an average useful life span of 5-year.  However, none of them will even guarantee the performance of their own products for even a single day.  Why?  Steam traps have high infantile mortality rates; they only average 5-year life.  To make the average some will work after 10-year.  You can achieve the same basic steam savings by replacing all your existing steam traps with properly fitted good steam traps.  However, they cannot achieve the same thermal efficiency as the SteamPro Removal Device.  Over a short period of time, one or more of the conventional steam traps will fail open and lose a horrible amount of live steam and money for you.  The real bad problem is – it is almost impossible to find a blown steam trap.  You need to replace your entire steam trap with something with excellent reliability – SteamPros

SteamPro advice you to convert all your existing conventional steam trap to our SteamPro Removal Device, simply because steam traps have too many reliability problems and they backup condensate periodically.  We have trained steam specialists who will examine all of your heat transfer units in details and custom-fit them with proper sized individual SteamPro Removal Device.  However, our specialists are only human; human will make mistakes.  For this reason, our devices are specially designed to have removable “Return Condensate Caps.”  This cap maybe removed to

  • Look at the discharge to make sure that the installed device is functioning properly by removing all of your condensate completely and immediately.  To make double sure we will insist on the loss of a trace of live steam; the non-condensable will be discharged simultaneously with the live steam.  This will make sure that you have a good working system.  You can actually put your hand briefly, 12” or more away from the nozzle, in the flow of the discharge as a quick and simple test.  This test can be performed online with little or no effects on your production.  It is a Real-Time Online Performance Test.

  • If the nozzle is too small, too big, or, your check valve may have a problem, the device could be tested as stated above.  If the problem requires the replacement of the nozzle for any reason, the upstream valve maybe closed and a new nozzle installed within 5-minute.  The repair takes place without disturbing your connecting pipes and has little or no effects on your production.  It is a true Online Repair.  Perform the above test after the repair before re-tighten the return cap.

Actually, all the internal components of the SteamPro Removal Device maybe replaced or repaired online within a few minute with little or no effects on your production.  The SteamPro Removal Device has unhurt of useful long lives and they are totally user friendly.

SteamPro has the only system in the market that ensures you your satisfaction for a full five-year.  You will have no worries for a minimum of five years or a lot more.  Our systems were installed in Malaysia for 18 years without a single replacement. They are still working just like they were brand new.  We have absolutely no replacement market.

SteamPro also sells High Pressure Condensate Return Pump system.  SteamPro has skilled steam pipe fitters for the installation of all our products.  We are your one-stop company, from engineering, design, custom-built products to reliable components for all of your total needs in your condensate removal system.

Want to sharpen your competitive edges, contact your SteamPro representative today.  Our representatives are well trained as steam system specialists, supported by our Designer / Inventor Dr Michael Troy.  There are imitations with inferior products and services.  Only our representatives have the ability to custom-fit your entire condensate system to perfection and to your complete satisfaction.  We guarantee this.